Get into the spirit of green season by showing off your green thumb.

There are plenty of ways to grow your very own shamrocks in time for St Patrick’s day whilst getting the little ones involved in an activity that spans a few weeks! With March signalling the beginning of spring also, it’s a great time to get growing!



Use a toyarium for your shamrocks to blend a love of toys with a newfound passion for growing plants! Giving them responsibility for the plant’s well-being helps grow their independence.


You’ll Need:

Shamrock seeds

Flowerpots or containers

Potting soil


What to do:

1. Place your seed packets in the refrigerator overnight, but preferably for 24 hours.


2. Find a pot or container (ideally one with drainage holes is preferred) with high-quality potting soil and dampen the soil. This is perhaps best accomplished by allowing a pot with drainage holes to wick moisture from a bowl of lukewarm water.


3. Sprinkle seeds onto the surface of the soil and gently press them into the soil. You don’t want to cover them completely with soil.


4. Place the pot in a warm place with indirect sunlight.


5. Sit back and wait for your little shamrockin’ pots to grow!


Don’t forget –

Be careful not the overwater your pots! The soil should never be wet, just moist. Ensure your soil is not consistently damp and if it is, make sure to water less and place in sunlight!


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