We can’t help but feel like Goldilocks when it comes to picking a new spring fragrance. One might be too sweet. One might not be musky enough. One might have an overwhelming mix of notes you’ve never heard before. But in the end, there is always one that will fit you just right! Your perfect scent might be something you already know and love. After all, Spring is the season for reawakening and rebirth! We decided to follow our noses on this one and it led us to Boots in Marshes, where a plethora of fragrances awaited us!

Burberry – Her

Where fragrances are concerned, 2020 is the decade of the comeback! A lot of our favourite brands have been making a comeback and Burberry has done just that! Her conveys a subtle sweetness at its core with notes of amber, vanilla, raspberry, jasmine and violet. Endlessly versatile and the perfect everyday scent, Her is an ideal go-to for every season, not just spring! Inspired by Burberry’s traditional fragrance designs, the bottle presents a classic silhouette in the prettiest pastel pink and you know what they say, pink makes the boys wink!

Michael Kors – Wonderlust

Like an intoxicating fling that keeps you checking your phone for new messages every second, Wonderlust is a sultry spring fragrance that will have you sneaking deep whiffs of your clothing for hours on end. Striking the perfect balance of floral and spicy, the warm notes of bergamot, pink pepper and jasmine, Wonderlust invokes romance, discovery and sensuality. But is this the scent for you? We can’t help but wonder…

Now, there are a lot of scents to choose from and it can be hard to pick the perfect one. So we hope we have provided you with some inspiration to find your scent that to quote the iconic blonde is Just Right!


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