Today, we’re sharing what’s on our minds, and we’re sure you’re all with us on this one. We. Need. A. Holiday! After so much time spent at home over the last 18 months, we’re itching to get away somewhere that ISN’T within the confines of home. Paris, Rome, Barcelona… Anywhere with sunshine and cocktails on tap, to be honest. At this point, we’re not picky.

But then comes the anxiety of COVID still lingering on the horizon. The thought of travelling through a busy airport or getting on a plane for several hours at a time breaks us out in a sweat. So what’s the solution? In one word, it’s simple: staycation! We’re giving you the scoop on creating your very own luxe hotel experience at home this summer. To our far-flung travels, we bid you adieu until summer 2022!

To create your own luxe hotel experience at home:

– Add some funky outdoor furniture to your garden. Think bright colours, seasonal prints, candles, you get the gist. Not to be too specific, but we’re thinking beer-garden-on-the-Amalfi-Coast vibes.
– Create your own mini-bar in your bedroom, complete with a host of tasty snacks and tiny bottles of wine and spirits. Perks: this one’s free!
– Place a mint/wrapped chocolate on your pillow for a true hotel-esque experience. Almost like a surprise gift to yourself at bedtime!
– Go all out with comfort: a new dressing gown, slippers, hair turban… You’ve. Earned. This.

– Pick up some luxurious beauty supplies and have a full-blown pamper sesh. Face masks, foot peels, a luxurious moisturiser, cucumber slices for your eyes… The works!
– And an obvious one: cocktails! We’ve got a great frosé recipe that’s absolutely delicious and perfect for summer.
– Stock up on snacks/your favourite foods and just veg out. Hotel stays are all about relaxation, so take full advantage! Cosy movie marathon from bed, anyone?
– Sleep late. A must during any ‘hotel’ stay! Especially when it’s from the comfort of your home – there’s no obligation to rise at the crack of dawn and seize the day. Instead, seize the opportunity to catch up on some well-deserved shut-eye.

Until next time,

The Front Row team x


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