With many of us working from home during this period it’s easy to feel isolated and cut off from the world. There is, however, something very comforting in that fact that all of our friends and family are feeling the exact same way.  People have more time now than ever to talk and catch up. Never have we been so thankful for unlimited minutes.

With friends flying home from all over the world, not being able to see them straight away has been a bitter pill to swallow, but we can be thankful that they’re now in the same time zones and we can call them at lunch or when out walking the dog.

One app that has helped me to avoid too much online media and feel connected again has been the Houseparty App. This app works similar to FaceTime where you can video call with friends, the difference is that multiple people can be on one video call at once. You can pop in and out of the app at any time, see who is around and join their conversation.

The app means you can just catch up with a couple of friends at the one time; play one of the many games available such as Heads Up, Trivia and Quick Draw; be introduced to friends of friends face to face; or why not organise your own quiz night. It will feel just like you are out socialising from the comfort of your home.  A few of our Front Rowers swear they’ll never think of a night-in again in the same way.

So, as we search for the silver lining lets recognise that having time to call our friends especially those we haven’t reached out to in a while, is a luxury.  It’s an opportunity to reconnect and just have some good old-fashioned conversation.  Sure, that can only be a good thing.


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