Let’s be real, getting ready can be a nightmare if you are not organised. You can have all the clothes and shoes in the world and still feel like you have nothing to wear!

Follow these tips that I find truly helpful when reorganising my wardrobe and you will feel inspired to do the same!


Step One – Separate items into three piles

The first rule for clearing out your clothes is, if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it!

Create three piles; pile one will be items you want to donate to charity, pile two will be items you think a friend or family member might like, and pile three will be items that are in perfect condition that you feel may be fit for resale.


Step Two – Separate the Seasons

The quickest way to make more space in your wardrobe is to remove everything from a differing season and store it. Boxes with lids are the best option because they protect your clothes from dust. To save space, opt for storage that slides under your bed. Penneys are great for items like this!

Step Three – Organise Clothes by Category

The easiest way to organise your clothes is to separate them into categories, e.g. tops, jumpers, skirts, trousers and so on. This way, when you go to pick an outfit, you know exactly where everything is!

TOP TIP: Try to hang as much of your clothes as you can for easy access.

Clothes Rail

Step Four – Invest in the right Equipment

If you have lots of accessories like me, it is wise to invest in some storage items to help you keep them tidy. Penney’s sell lovely boxes and drawer storage that will suit any room.

Door Rail

Step Five – Organise your Shoes and Bags

Depending on your space, you can store your shoes and bags in two ways. You can have them on display in a unit or on shelves, or you can keep them in storage boxes and label them to make them quick and easy to find.

TOP TIP: Print photos of shoes and stick to the front of the box if you are feeling extra creative.

Accessories Storage


Happy organising – we know this will leave you with a new lease of life and you’ll find yourself styling your outfits even better than ever!

Front Row x


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