This season, we’re celebrating the joys of clothing as we spring into new looks, new statement pieces and welcome the sunshine back once again.

Inevitably, as the weather heats up, hemlines start to rise and summer kissed skin is on the horizon. Leggy displays are the silhouette of the season with a side of signature flowy freedom, classic colour palettes and the revival of age-old fashion pieces. Get ready to mix up your lockdown ready wardrobe for a new summer vibe.

Statement over Sweatpants

Let the sweatpants and leggings look live in 2020. Wide legged, vividly painted trouser legs are in thanks to fashion houses Bottega Veneta and Chanel as well as the favouring style icons Harry Styles and Hailey Bieber. We’re seeing time and time again they can either be the star of the show or compliment your existing looks to add a sharp slice of focus.

Magic Touch of Monochrome

This season designers are cutting straight to the chic point with monochromatic colour palettes and crisp layering as seen from the runways of Chanel. A spring trend that everyone can get behind, from flirty style frills to sharp edges, prepare for elegant opulence.

Make Every Day About Your Joy

Bring in the bright consuming colours, over the top frills and a touch of dazzling sequins or simply add subtle joyful accents to your everyday. Look to the runways of Alberta Ferretti and Dior to see vintage inspired, free flowing romantic maxi dresses are firmly in!

Cling to Your Curves

After a year of living in baggy cosy looks, it’s about time we celebrate all our best bits in stretchy pieces that make us feel our best, a statement fashion house Givenchy isn’t letting us forget. Despite the body changes we’ve all faced in the past year, make this trend about declaring your body overwhelmingly loved and showcase just how glorious as it truly is. Own it and never apologise!

Corset Comeback

Thanks to the return of iconic period drama to the small screen, time period fashion is once again on the rise. Namely, the statement piece corset. From fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen to Balmain and Bethany Williams, it’s proven that the corset is a versatile showstopper piece to any look.

Until next time,

The Front Row Team x


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