This Summer we’re looking forward to our Guest Editor Grainne sprinkling her fun fashion style and inside scoop on beauty across all things Front Row. The business owner, Apprentice finalist and online personality has become a true makeup mogul within Northern Ireland, so we’re revealing some of Grainne’s top tips as things begin to heat up this season.


While we all love the reigning months of summer with its endless sunshine, adventure fuelled days away, as well as flowy and bright fashion. But there’s no doubt that a change in beauty routine has to come along with it. As we all know too well, we don’t emerge into the season with glowing skin, tousled hair and flawless makeup. Battling hotter weather, blisters, sunburn, sweat, product creasing and an out-of-date skincare routine is just the tip of the iceberg. Luckily Grainne has a few firm favourites of her own which we can all learn from!


Other Summer Season Beauty Remedies:


  1. Get rid of sweat stains using Lemon Juice – simply rub lemon juice on the stains before putting in the washing machine.


  1. Ice cool aloe vera – Fill an ice cube tray with aloe vera and pop in the freezer. Gently apply the ice cubes to burnt or sore skin to cool and rehydrate skin.


  1. Banish fake tan marks – Mix baking soda with water and apply to a compress to help remove old fake tan or impromptu mistakes.


  1. Be gone frizz – Dry your damp hair with an old T shirt instead of a towel to lock in more moisture and prevent frizz.


  1. Bye blisters – Use a roll on deodorant across blister prone areas to create a barrier that prevents your skin from friction.


  1. Save yourself from shaving rashes – Dust your sensitive skin areas with super soft baby powder post-shave.


Don’t forget you could win one of three style makeovers worth €125 by getting involved on our socials and telling us how you’d style this look by Grainne!



The Front Row Team x



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