Just like Christmas, Easter holds a special kind of magical place in the hearts of children. A time of celebration, family feasting, chocolate and the magical Easter Bunny! What’s not to love?

The traditional and much anticipated Easter Egg Hunt is the pinnacle moment of celebrations – the dazzling hunt for treasure while parents eagerly await little overjoyed faces. There’s no better way to spend a blooming springtime afternoon.

Firstly, plan a route that will cover all safe areas of the house and garden if you have one. It’ll keep the treasure hunting exciting and give you enough clues to play with. It’s important to make your home feel festive to get into the eggcited hunting spirit so we’d suggest hanging Easter decorations or subtle décor items. You also can’t go wrong with silly bunny ear props, ‘Hoppy Egg Hunting’ signs and colourful outfits to add to the atmosphere on the day!

Secondly, prep enough eggs! Hiding a range of brightly coloured boiled eggs prepared the night before will get kids excited for the hunt and provide extra entertainment to start off the celebrations. These boiled eggs should be mixed with edible golden foiled, tasty chocolate eggs so you can will provide them with enough highs and lows to encourage them to seek out the next, bigger, tastier find.

Depending on the age of your children, place eggs in low areas and in open places. The older, inevitably the more difficult! A few spots we love :

  • Under leaves
  • Under the sink
  • In your letterbox
  • On top of car tired
  • In plant pots
  • Among the laundry
  • In a fridge drawer

Lastly, ensure your clues are difficult enough to keep them thinking and searching as well as contain fun rhymes. For example, ‘The Easter Bunnies first delight is somewhere you may be at night!’, ‘Have you picked up on a hoppy trail of gold? The next chocolatey treat is somewhere cold!’. Don’t forget to supply your little ones with buckets or baskets to contain their found treasure.

Hoppy Easter Hunting!


The Front Row Team x


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