Spring has sprung after what felt like an endless winter! We’re embracing the change of the season with some wonderfully creative crafting ideas with our Little Monsters. These fun ideas are the perfect opportunity to get hands-on, ignite imaginations and add a pop of seasonal décor to your home.


Egg Branch Tree

Simply use a tea tin or vintage feel vase with floral foam to steady the base. Next, add in blooming branches such as dogwood or willow. Once carefully arranged, add decorated blown eggs, using ribbons and bows to secure.

Fabric Carrot Garland

Simply use old fabric (ideally orange) to cut out a long and thin triangle shape. Fill with old scraps of fabric, newspaper or hay until full and even. Next, use green ribbons or twine to wrap around the neck of the carrot and attach to your garland. Lastly, attach all your carrots onto the garland evenly and hang them around your mantle.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Prepare some circular coffee filters (ideally white), lay them flat and colour your desired pattern including a variety of lines and shapes with washable markers or food colouring. Place your coloured filters on wax paper. Spray each coffee filter with some water and watch as your colours mix and spread together into a unique blend, allowing time to dry completely. Next, create the butterfly wings by pinching the coffee filter in the middle and twisting the pipe cleaner around as the ‘body’ of your butterfly.  Curl the remaining pipe cleaners into a pair of delicate antennae.

Chick Plate

Source a white paper plate and paint brown. Whilst you wait for this to dry, prepare some large colourful pompoms and adorn them with eyes and a beak before setting them aside to dry. Once fully dried, apply glue on the plate and add some nesting material. Complete your nest with your pompom baby birds. This will make a lovely table centrepiece at the family dinner table during the spring season.

Happy crafting!


The Front Row Team x



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