Fed up with working from home, feeling under the weather or simply just longing to pamper yourself? We hear you.  It’s time to take a step back and indulge in yourself a little. Our Front Row team have listed our favourite pamper night essentials that’ll have you looking great and feeling even better.

Bondi Sands RemoverFirst things first, soak it up

Surely it’s only right to start a pamper night with a nice, relaxing soak. Pick out your favourite soaps or bath bombs and let the un-winding commence.

Light your favourite scented candle and play some calming music for extra relaxing ambiance.

If you want to feel extra-fresh, be sure to exfoliate all over. You’ll get rid of those unwanted remnants of tan and completely hit the reset button on your skin.


Give your hair some TLC

Now’s the perfect time to try those indulgent hair products you’ve been waiting to test out.Coconut Oil Suds

If you want to revive damaged hair and breathe some life back into those locks, hair masks are the way forward.

Front Row Top tip: Look out for masks with natural oils, especially coconut or argan oil – their extra-nourishing qualities will help repair any damage from styling or dyes.

Wash your hair as normal with your favourite shampoo and conditioner, then comb your hair mask of choice through.

Let your hair bask in delight while you relax. When you’re finished, rinse your hair and voila! Deeply nourished locks just waiting to be unleashed.

Clinique Purple

Scrutinise your skin-care regime for best results

If, like us, you’re a sucker for skincare products, chances are you have a bathroom cabinet full of facewash, creams and serums you’ve tried once and moved on to the next!

Good skin comes from maintaining a regular regime and staying consistent with the products you use. Take time over the next few weeks to test any products you haven’t tried yet and really nail a combination that works for you.

Just remember, when it comes to skincare patience is key.


SFacemasksheet masks are the new facials

In our opinion, sheet masks are the ultimate pamper night essential!

Say goodbye to messy, skin-stretching peel-off creams! These quick and easy sheets work to transform your complexion instantaneously. Just set on your face for 15 minutes while you relax, and you’ll be left with softer and smoother skin.



RollerFace-rollers for an extra-soothing sensation

Elevate your skincare routine with a Rose Quartz or Jade face-roller. Not only will this mini massage help you to de-stress and relax, but these tools provide some great benefits for the skin:


  • Tightens and tones the facial muscles and pores
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Addresses puffiness and wrinkles
  • Increases circulation through stimulation of skin
  • Contours the facial structure


You can also massage serums and creams into the face and neck using a roller for instant rejuvenation, just remember to wipe clean afterwards.

Front Row Top tip: Store in the fridge for an extra-soothing sensation.

Life is better with a tan

Everyone feels instantly better when they have a tan, right?Now that you’ve got your skin back on track, why not work on building a Tangradual long-lasting tan in preparation for the Summer months ahead.

Tinted oils and moisturisers ensure a natural finish whereas foams and mousse will provide instantly darker results.

Front Row Top tip: Mix self-tanner drops into your daily face moisturiser for that extra added glow.  And can’t deny we’re loving that you can pick up exciting new tan ranges in almost all our fave Marshes stores.  We’re loving the range at Penny’s!

LashesDIY Brows

A pair of perfectly shaped and tinted brows can go a long way in helping us feel more put-together.

If you can’t visit your regular brow salon just yet, try a DIY kit at home. Eyelure’s Dybrow kit available at Boots Marshes includes a simple step-by-step guide for easy tint application and lasts up to 6 weeks, bad brow days no more!  Imagine all that brow to be enjoyed from the minute you wake up bear faced.

Here at Front Row, we’re enjoying less time in the office, striping back the amount of make-up and reinventing lighter looks.  We’re universally agreed that it’s important to detox, switch-off from stressful situations and stay positive. Taking a break to look after your body will not only make you feel physically better but also improve your mental health. Just remember, self-care is the best care!  If you’ve any amazing tips or tricks share them with us.  We all love a bit of self-care.


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