Things can seem very overwhelming at the moment and sometimes we may need a much-needed distraction. for some of us right now. Heeding government advice, staying home and practicing good hygiene are top priority at the moment but if you want to help out where you can we are giving you some ways you may be able to support others.

Offer to Pick Up Groceries for Elderly Family/Neighbours

If you’re young, fit and in good health, you’re in the best possible position. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t so lucky: those above the age of 70 and/or with compromised immune systems are most at risk, and therefore have to stay indoors for their own safety. This means that they can’t go out and pick up their own essentials, such as food, toiletries and medication. Now’s the time to check in with those close to you, whether it’s a family member or neighbour to see if there’s anything they need. Remember: when dropping things off, keep your distance, leave things on the doorstep/windowsill and always maintain at least two meters between yourself and others. If you have additional food and supplies, these can be donated to local charities and food banks to support others. If you aren’t in a position to pick up groceries for other why not check in over the phone, a call could make someone’s day.

Support the Frontline Staff in Any Way You Can

 Now is the time to think of others, especially those on the frontline: doctors, nurses and all health professionals. If you can supply protective wear and equipment, do it. If you can donate to any emergency appeals or hospital care funds, now’s the time. Everyone’s mutual care and effort is what will see us through these circumstances. Let’s not forget the pharmacists, public transport operatives and retail workers who ensure that we’re able to travel and pick up all of our essentials every day. If you need to venture out in public, be considerate: this will aid in making their workdays go as smoothly and pleasantly as possible given the circumstances. To keep the world turning, they’re the most powerful commodity we have; we need to support them in any way that we can.

Stay Home

The most important act that we’re all responsible for together. Taking things seriously and adhering to government recommendations is imperative, now more than ever. It’s easy to say that you won’t get sick or will survive if you do, but the potential spread of the virus puts others around you at risk who may not be so lucky. Stay home as much as you can, and only leave for essential groceries and medicines. If you exercise or take a walk outdoors, remember to keep social distancing recommendations in mind at all times. There’s plenty to keep you occupied indoors during this time, whether the time is spent being productive or relaxing. It’s entirely up to you how you spend it and we’ve lots of tips packed into Front Row on Home Workouts, cleaning out your closet and also how to unwind and relax.


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