Right now, it’s fair to say we’re probably all dreaming about that night out when things start getting back to normal.  In my dreams I’m wearing a summer dress I put on hold for when I’d be a bit lighter, a few shades darker and properly ready for stepping foot into the sun.  We’re in this together so the Front Row team pulled heads and thought let’s share some simple at home exercise routines to get us all feeling toned and fit and what’s more, we can do it in our living room.  A mandatory requirement these days.

So, we’ve found a range of workouts and depending on which area you would like to target there’s something in here to help with all the problem areas. If you’re feeling really committed, you might even consider switching between these workouts each day and target your full body. Go on, think of how great it will feel!

Let’s go then. First up, set aside some space either in the house or in your garden where you have no distractions and you feel at ease.  Think more zen garden than sweaty gym. Most of our favourite workouts just need your very own body weight and a yoga mat so don’t worry about needing lots of equipment.   Second, get your favourite gym playlist ready to get you in the mood for some serious action.

Toning your Arms

Arms are a target area for most of us, we all want to look good in a sleeveless number. We’ve found 15 great exercises that you can do without weights to tone your arms. Our top picks are below:


  • Push ups (either full push up’s or half push up’s) x 10
  • Tricep dips x 20
  • Inchworm x 10
  • Plank Up-Downs x 10
  • Plank (leg lift optional) 30secs

Repeat this circuit three times!

Growing your Butt

We’re over JLo and Kim K, thinking of something smaller but still perky.  Here’s 5 great at-home workouts to grow your butt without bulking your legs. You will feel the burn from this one the next day! Be warned!


  • Hip Trust x 20 – you can do this from your yoga mat or on a bench if you have one. Don’t worry if you don’t have weights you can either use a resistance band or just up your sets slightly.
  • Single – Leg Hip Bridge x 15 each leg
  • Romanian Deadlift x 20 – if you don’t have weights why not try something you have in the house e.g. flour (make sure not to drop it)!
  • Fire Hydrant x 20 – either banded or alone this is great for your glutes and outer thigh
  • Rainbow/Kick Backs x 20

Repeat this circuit three times!

Killer Abs

This ab workout is brought to you by MadFit (don’t let the name put you off), it will have you feeling great in that crop top or bikini you have been putting off wearing in no time. This workout lasts for 20 minutes and each exercise is 30 seconds long, this YouTube video is a great motivator but if it is feeling too much have a quick pause for a break and a drink of water.


Toned Legs

For legs circa Gossip Girl 2008 with Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively, you will need a workout to tone rather than bulk the legs. This workout by Danielle Peazer uses only bodyweight to put the focus on making your legs look slimmer. Follow her quick 8-minute-long YouTube tutorial and if you’re feeling brave you could try it twice…..

Pilates and Yoga – Keep it Cleaner App with Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw

Channel some zen and remember the calming workouts that can stretch your muscles, making you look longer and leaner. Download the Keep it Cleaner App on your phone for a 7-day free trial, after that you will pay a monthly subscription, but it is well worth it. This app will provide a daily meal plan as well as a daily workout and a wide range of both Pilates and Yoga classes which are perfect as a quick wake up workout in the morning. You can even stream directly to your smart TV from your phone with chrome cast to make it feel like you are at a class.

Some good rules we should always stick to;

Make sure to stretch before and after each workout along with a warmup and cool down

remember to never over-exert yourself

If something doesn’t feel right then stop!

Good luck and loop us in on any amazing personal bests. Remember we’re in this together. The Front Row team are all at home trying these out as we speak.


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