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Embrace the Fashion Fest this month with our top trending Summer pieces you’ll simply NEED to have in your wardrobe. Slip-on bold looks, say hello to cute cut-outs, turn back the clocks with ’90s inspired low rise and don punchy vivid colours. The time for embracing the sunshine, pulling off more radiant looks and making evening plans once again is near! So read on to get spring summer-ready.

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The negative space trend is having a moment. From celeb styling to subtle everyday chic, cutouts are back from their introduction in 2011 to even bolder style statements today. Whether you slowly introduce cutouts within summer dresses for a fun edge or turn up the fierceness on minis and one-pieces. They come in all cuts, patterns and shapes, meaning there’s something to suit everyone.


H&M V-neck cut-out maxi dress €49.99


H&M cut-out ribbed jumpsuit €22.99


Punchy colours – lime green & hot pink

The punch of tropical flavours comes to mind when we look at this trend. Highlighter hues of lime green and hot pink are ruling the runway this season. The acid green hue has translated from fancy party dresses and elevated summer-inspired looks. Or perhaps head-to-toe material Barbie girl is the power dressing anthem your wardrobe needs. We’re going for slick cords and beach holiday wardrobe ideas or all-out ensembles of pink perfection when it comes to this trend.


NewLook Tall Green Ruched Front Collard Crop Top €14.99


Primark Gingham two-piece €12

Mini skirts

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen the appearance of mini-skirts (the itsy, bitsy kind) on the runway, but we’re here for it. The power fashion house, Miu Miu, has gone viral for its nostalgic utility-style sure. Still, minis are also emerging as part of high-waisted skirt suits, athletic tennis skort inspired looks, and ‘out out’ looks. So whilst it may not be a trend for the everyday wearer, it is worth noting for sunny occasions and getaways.


New Look Blue Vanilla Brown Check Bouclé Mini Skirt €29.99



River Island Black satin mini skirt €32.00


Low Rise

Hear that? It’s the noughties calling, and they want their low-rise bottoms back. This controversially loved and loathed look certainly gives a clear nod to surfacing runway looks. Sure, belly-button waistlines aren’t suited to everyone’s taste, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous, go for matching midriff sets for a more tame look.


River Island Blue Low Rise Flared Jeans €50


Trouser Sets

Oversized workwear staple of the 80s has fast become a chic combo to the masses. Comfy and classic, what better way to make this outfit genuinely pop than rock it in a statement colour? This is one investment piece that’ll do most of the heavy lifting in your spring summer wardrobe. Pair your punchy fit with casual sneakers and plain white T’s for a relaxed feel, or seize the night with a cute lingerie layer underneath and statement jewellery.


River Island Beige Wide Leg Trousers €40


Primark Lilac two-piece

Yellow Mellow

Embrace the sunshine with a softer, buttery, warm pastel tone that brings the blossoming spring feeling to all skin tones and colours. If you’re not too sure where to start, opt for an accessory such as a purse before incorporating cute crop tops or sleek light wear overcoats. One thing can be sure; this is a shade we hope is here to stay.

Vero Moda Wrap Short Dress €29.99



Primark Meringue Pleated Bags €14


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