Badminton is a great sport that the whole family can get involved in, it is also amazing for fitness and coordination!

What you will need:

  • Badminton Rackets
  • Shuttlecock
  • A net or something that you can put across the garden that can be used as a net

When playing with kids it may be easier to change the terms used and loosen the rules slightly. For this game we are going to call the shuttlecock the birdie.

Here are our rules:

  • Players toss a coin to see who will serve first
  • If when team 1 hit the birdie it hits the net or doesn’t go over the net then team 2 get a point and the next serve is there’s
  • If team 1 hit the birdie and it lands on the ground on team 2’s side then team 1 get a point
  • Half way through the game teams should take a break and switch sides

Badminton is also a great way for kids to learn disipline in sports and is a great garden game in the sun.

Have fun and stay safe!

Front Row Family x


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