Imagine it; the fire’s lit, you’ve made a cosy blanket cocoon on the couch, hot chocolate in hand… Now you just need something festive to watch! Today, we’ve got some comfort watching for you – the movies and series to binge-watch this Autumn. Enjoy!

Gilmore Girls

It just has a cosy, Autumn-y feel about it, doesn’t it? Stationed in sleepy Stars Hollow, Gilmore Girls follows teen Rory and her youthful mother Lorelai as they navigate the ups and downs of life together. The series shows how their relationship blurs between mother and daughter and best friends, and we watch them take on education, careers, romance and tending to the fragmented relationship with Lorelai’s wealthy parents, Emily and Richard. There are 7 seasons and a modern-day revival to watch too, so this one will keep you busy for a while!

Stranger Things

A great one to watch in the build-up to Halloween! Based in the ‘80s, this sci-fi-horror-thriller blend vows to impress any and all viewers. One of Netflix’s most popular originals, Stranger Things occurs In Hawkins, a small fictional town in Roane County, Indiana. Chaos becomes the town as a result of dangerous government experimenting, and it takes a group of teens and one strange little girl to save Hawkins. P.S: Three seasons are available to stream on Netflix now, while season four is coming soon! Stay tuned…

When Harry Met Sally…

Queue beautiful scenery of NYC in the fall throughout! Based in the late ‘70s and ‘80s, When Harry Met Sally… follows the relationship between Harry Burns and Sally Albright, two college graduates who argue over whether men and women can ever truly be just friends during a long-haul road trip. 10 years later they meet again, and their theory is put to the test. Who was right? You’ll have to watch along and find out for yourself!

You’ve Got Mail

As Autumn trickles into Winter, changes are amok for our leading man and lady! Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan play Joe and Kathleen, two competing bookstore owners who work across the street from one another. The secret is – they share an anonymous online connection with neither the wiser! Joe eventually discovers who his cyber love is and struggles to navigate his real-life hatred with his online infatuation. We love a traditional American comedy with a romantic twist, wouldn’t you agree?

And there you have it, your Autumn watch list is complete! We hope you enjoy an evening/weekend marathon soon guys – don’t forget, relaxation and self-care are key!

Until next time,

The Front Row team x



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