Each month our trusty team will be trying the latest tanning products dropping at Marshes.  We’ve all bases covered for fair, medium and olive skin tones. We’ll tell you all you need to help you make your product choices.  Look out for our before and after pics and a full product review every fortnight. First up, we’re kicking off with St.Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse from Boots at Marshes, picked for its Vegan friendly credentials, fewer nasties always make for kinder to the skin!  We’re testing this one for achieving a Medium/Golden tan.

Our resident blond has taken on this tanning challenge.  Here’s what she has to say;

‘I have to say I was sceptical at first, although my skin is considerably fair (allergic to the sun kind of fair), I am a firm believer in that everything is better with a good, dark tan. So, when I saw the fully translucent bottle, I wasn’t totally convinced that it was going to give me the necessary results, especially as I was going out the next night and this needed to be a one coat wonder.

I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised, although the mouse comes out white, as soon as it touches the skin it looks tan. Relieving me of my previous fear that I would wake up with streaks all over my body (14-year-old me after using tanning wipes circa 2009). As promised this product provided a lovely golden tan with a tropical scent, no transfer on the bed sheets which is always a plus and very rare.

Although it states that you do not have to shower this tan off, and true the stickiness is not that of other tans, I would never feel fully ready for a night out without showering my tan off.

For those of you looking for a glowing natural tan, perfect for Spring/Summer this is definitely a good product to take a punt on. It faded perfectly with just a little bit of moisturising aftercare”

Next tan up; For those of you wanting a medium/ultra-dark tan keep an eye on our page in the coming weeks!



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