At Front Row we are embracing skin positivity! That’s right you don’t need to hide behind layers of makeup, particularly in the summer when your skin needs to breathe.

Ever look at your favourite celebs or epic runway makeup looks and wonder how they look so flawless with no make up on? Want to know their secrets? Their secret is they are wearing makeup, but they keep it very minimal, covering imperfections to make the skin look immaculate and subtly highlighting what they want to show off. The Front Row team want to teach you how to recreate this natural look for your everyday, to make you feel like the natural beauty you are.

Start with the perfect base: No. 7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream

Picking a base that matches your skin tone can be the most difficult part, if it is too light or too dark it will not look natural. We love No. 7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream as it does the hard work for you, blending in perfectly to various skin tones with an option for normal/dry and normal/oily skin. When it comes to something you are putting on your face every day we want to make sure it is helping our skin along the way. This product amazingly disguises imperfections, while the nutrient-enriched formula helps to banish blemishes and has the added protective power of SPF 15. 

Subtly conceal: YSL Touche Éclat Illuminating Pen

We don’t want to go too heavy with the concealer, for something light we love YSL’s Illuminating pen, it adds a natural and luminous finish without shimmer or glitter, helping to remove those dark circles and cover any little blemishes. This product will trick people into thinking you have always had that much needed 8 hours of beauty sleep.

The bushier the better: Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumising Eyebrow Gel

Gone are the days that we only have to worry about adding volume to our eyelashes. Here at Front Row we are loving bushy brows with the term “model brows” or brow lamination popping up everywhere. Benefit Gimme Brow+ will give you that naturally volumised look without having to worry about using a pencil.

Widen those eyes: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Going against what we were all told for years, you do not have to over do it with the mascara. Just a quick lick to open your eyes up and you are on your way. The plus is your eyes won’t be left feeling heavy for the day. We love Maybelline Great Lash Mascara for this, the wand lets you apply a thin layer for daytime or a thicker layer at night.

Freckles are cute: Max Factor Miracle Sculpting Wand Light Medium & No. 7 Beauty Blender

Want to try out the freckled look? Take Max Factor’s Miracle Sculpting Wand, a thin brush and No.7’s beauty blender and dot a few freckles around your face. Then use the beauty blender to dab away any access and let the product sink into your skin. You will look like you have been sun kissed in no time.

We prefer to keep it dewy but if you find your skin to be slightly on the oily side you can use a setting powder to keep it all locked in such as L’Oreal Paris True Match Minerals Finishing Powder.

Another beauty look in the bag – check in next week when we will be covering the not so natural neon liner and bright eye shadow trends.

All of these products are available for purchase from Boots at Marshes!


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