Beauty comes from the inside and our nutrition can have a major effect on how our skin looks. We all want to hear about the newest products to tighten and brighten our skin, and anything to make us look 10 years younger, but are we paying attention to how we can improve our skin health with what we put into our body? We are peeling back the packaging with some top tips on what to eat to enhance the appearance of your skin or relieve skin conditions.

For a glow

Too little fat in the diet can make your skin look wrinkled and dry. Make sure to include nuts, seeds, avocado and fish to keep your skin moist, firm and flexible. Plus, it’s good for the heart! Change your cooking oil to coconut and drink plenty of green tea for an extra boost.

The Omega 3 from fish will also keep the top layer of the skin strong, keeping external toxins and pollutants out.

To prevent dryness

The fattier the fish the better here, such as salmon, which will help to strengthen skin’s barrier and retain moisture. Due to its level of fibre oatmeal can help to prevent dead skin and boost your metabolism – a healthy gut leads to healthy skin. Some good news is that dark chocolate can help to keep your skin hydrated as well as other great benefits.

Redness and Acne

Fatty fish contains zinc which helps to reduce inflammation, encourage the production of new skin cells and will look after your overall skin health.

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables rich in antioxidants are good for overall body and skin health and have been known to reduce wrinkles and pigmentation as well as protecting against UV damage. Add as much variety of colour as possible to increase the number of antioxidants.

We have picked our top foods for the list above and blended them together to create a delicious combination.  Try our skin boosting smoothie:

  • ½ cup coconut water – for subtle skin
  • A handful of Spinach – to remove toxins from our bodies
  • 1 banana – to repair dry skin
  • ½ an avocado – to hydrate
  • Mango & Pineapple – glowing & firm skin

Make your own depending on what results you want and on your taste preference and share the results with us!

Enjoy, Front Row x



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