As with many fashion trends, Instagram has lent a hand in paving the way for manicures to become an art form of their own. Whilst the classic French manicure is still a popular go-to, nail art has come a long way and now possesses its own world of viral designs (some questionable!) and in-style trends, firmly establishing itself as a mini act of self-expression more than ever.

Whether you get a monthly manicure or prefer DIY designs, we all yearn for healthy nails. Regular care results in healthy nails you can be proud of and, despite what you may think, maintaining healthy nails doesn’t have to be expensive nor time-consuming. Check out our latest hand-health low-downs below.

1. Use Moisturisers & Oil to Keep Cuticles Healthy

Cuticles are the thin layer of skin at the bottom of the nail, connected to the finger. These can often get dry, resulting in peeling or flaking. Washing your hands throughout the day strips the natural oils from your nails that they need to stay healthy. A thick moisturiser or cuticle oil will ensure nail nourishment and strength. You can pick up a Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil from Boots at Marshes that’ll ensure your nails get back to, and stay in, a healthy condition.

2. Monthly Manicures Can Preserve Healthy Nails

A manicure is a fun way to spruce up your nails. If you’re a nail-biter, a manicure may even help motivate you to stop. Manicurists will take steps during each treatment to ensure your nails are in good health and maintain their strength. Wearing nail polish isn’t going to harm your healthy nails however it is important to give your nails a break periodically. If you’re unsure or have any questions about your nail health, why not call in and visit our resident nail expert, Ria, who will be happy to help find the right manicure treatment for you.

Top tip: If you’re getting a gel application, using an SPF hand cream can protect your hands from UV light.

3. Keep Fingernails Dry & Clean

Just like your hands, nails should also be washed regularly. Many people risk infection with rigorous cleaning using pointy and unnecessary tools.  A simple nail brush is a much better alternative. When washing hands, make sure to gently scrub the surface of your nails as well as the underside to remove any bacteria trapped under there. When nails are wet, bacteria can more easily grow. Ensure you dry your hands properly after washing them and always wear gloves when carrying out household chores to prevent any nasty infections. Penneys have a great range of nail kits available, perfect for on-the-go nail maintenance.

4. Try Supplements

If you think hand lotion isn’t doing it for you, there are supplements you can take to help tackle brittle nails. Research has shown Biotin, a B-vitamin, is super helpful for strengthening and growing nails. You can purchase Biotin capsules for as little as €7.49 in Holland and Barrett . As always, a nutritious and varied diet will also guarantee strong nail health. Ask your doctor about introducing biotin to your diet and make sure to talk to the experts in our Holland and Barrett store to find the right type for you.

5. Don’t Forget About The Toes

Whilst our toenails are much stronger than our fingernails, it is important not to neglect them. Due to their much thicker appearance, toenails can become difficult to trim. Always soak your feet in warm water before clipping. Shoes can make a big difference when it comes to your nail health. Make sure your shoes have plenty of wiggle-room, always wear socks and alternate the shoes you wear each day.

It’s easy to neglect your nails but taking basic steps can easily keep your fingernails healthy and strong; many less-than-desirable conditions can easily be avoided through proper care. Once you hit a combination that works for you, you’ll soon be rewarded with strong, healthy nails.


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